Monday, October 19, 2009

Traci Hines Makeup Portfolio Video!

*Little hint: HQ + Fullscreen FTW*

As you may already know, I am pretty active on YouTube. I have two channels, the first is a cover channel for music ( and the second, more recent channel I created ( is for all original content. I post original music, tutorials and now makeup showcase videos and vlogs. This is the first makeup video I've made, and thought I would showcase some of my favorite clients to date for my youtube followers to see. Hope you enjoy it!

Please also check out my youtube accounts if you like! I always appreciate subscriptions too! Until next time...


(Youtube Description:

As many of you know, I do a little freelance Makeup and Hairstyling on the side, so I thought I'd put a compilation of some of my work together in video form for you to see! Hope you enjoy it!

For more information, including rates, location, booking and more please visit my blog site:

*Please note that the site is still under construction. It will be continually updated with new work, but I am also having some issues with formatting and need to get some help from my web guy. All the info.'s there, you just have to scroll to the bottom right now to see it. In the meantime, thanks for your understanding!

First off I want to thank Makenai and my good friend Pamela Moss especially for letting me use their amazing song The Madea Prophecy in the first half of this video. Pam wrote that song and arranged and recorded it with her band, Makenai, and it is fantastic! Please go to their myspace and listen to the entire thing! Support them and add them too k?

Band page:

Pam's youtube account:

Next, I want to thank all my WONDERFUL models and clients without whom I wouldn't have this portfolio to show.
In order of appearance:

I also want to thank all the photographers who's work is displayed here, and who so graciously let me use their images:
Cam Oden Photography
Benjamin Hines Photography
Cabusi Photography
Tyler Gipe Photography
Belle Amie Studios
Aaron Delesie Photographer, Inc.
David Pascolla Photography

*Thanks also to BJ and Brittain for their help with my logo and blogsite!


1. The Madea Prophecy-by Makenai
2. BJ's Song-by Traci Hines

*A little note about the last song...I was going through music options to put at the wedding and engagement section of this video, and I while I was listening to original music from other artists to potentially use, I realized that I already had an original piece that had just the right sentiment...and it was one of mine! Haha. I thought the Twilight inspired song I wrote recently was going to be the first original I shared with all of you, (besides my kitty litter jingle in my Tagged! video on my other channel lol), but this one took me by surprise too. This is one of the first songs I ever wrote, and I wrote it for my (then) boyfriend for a Valentine's Day gift. I still love this song, although I don't think it's any great example of an original piece of music. Just an honest expression of a girl's love for her boyfriend. It was recorded in a rush on a mac laptop in a college dorm room, and there is so much I'd like to improve, but it is what it is. I hope to re-record this sometime soon. It's years old. Thanks so much to Brandon Gill who is the very talented pianist playing the song. He arranged the song, played it for me and recorded me. I know this is only a portion of the song too-both songs actually. I plan to upload a video for BJ's Song with the entire thing very soon. Stay tuned for that!

Well I hope you enjoy the video, and I promise I've got more videos on the way! Hoping to make some more tutorials soon too!

Thank you so much to all of you for your overwhelming support on all my channels, and in all my endeavors.

Luv you guys!

Traci (original content) (covers)
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Artistic Retro Shoot

Lindz 300

Model: Lindsay Stanley
Photography: Hines Associates Photography
Cam Oden Photography (Lighting and Set Up)

Lindsay is such a beautiful girl. She has one of my favorite "looks" to work with: features like a cartoon character! And I mean that in the best way possible. When I look at her I see a Disney Princess! (Who wouldn't want to be compared to the most beautiful, flawless works of art that Disney creates?) I wanted to do something unique and not just go the obvious route of making her up to be a "pretty princess." I was hoping to create something a little edgier.

I was inspired by Lindsay's amazing large, doll-like features. She said I could go as extreme as I wanted with the makeup, so after applying basic foundation and powder, I contoured her face with shadows, used frosty blues and pinks on her eyelids, and gave her dramatic lashes on top and bottom to frame her gorgeous eyes. I applied tiny rhinestones under her eyes to resemble tears. We decided on a natural toned lip color and her makeup look was done.

I also styled Lindsay's hair. I like how you can't really tell if it's her hair or a fashionable hat from Paris or something! Haha. I teased, pinned and coaxed it into curls and shapes, weaved ribbons, lace, chains and a crystal-beaded necklace into the style, then added a large black fabric rose. I will admit, I actually had more fun styling her hair than doing her makeup! I think I'm beginning to like hairstyling even more than applying makeup, although they will both always be passions of mine.

A huge thanks to Lindsay for her patience as I created her look and for being such a great sport during the shoot! It was freezing outside but she stayed until we got the very last shot.
I hope she is as happy with the result as I am!
Lindz 300

Lindz 250

Lindz 300

Lindz 300

Lindz 250

Lindz 300